Stand with Ukraine met five Ukrainian women: Olha, Alisa, Natalia, Iryna, and Oksana, refugees in France since the start of the invasion. Forced to flee their country and separated from their husbands, these Ukrainian women managed to find work in France and integrate themselves. Stand with Ukraine wants to share the story of these Ukrainian refugees who would like to thank the French and who are eager to return to their country as soon as the Russian aggression is ended by Ukraine’s victory.

Each woman has a different story: Olha is an assistant accountant, Alisa director of a choir, Natalia an English teacher, Iryna a general practitioner, and Oksana a museum curator. Stand with Ukraine wanted to give them a voice to know their experience of the war, leaving Ukraine, and now living in France. Each tells how she integrated her host community, often with children, and how she found work in France.

Our association was moved by these women’s wish to play a part in local life to give something back to the communities that have hosted them, and their determination once victory has been won to bring their experience acquired in France to the service of the reconstruction of their country.

The interviews conducted by Stand with Ukraine can be accessed at the association’s Instagram page and at the ‘In the news’ section of the website.