The artists’ collective, part of the movement ‘Stand With Ukraine’, is renaming the ‘Europe’ station (line 3 of the Paris metro) ‘Europe-Ukraine’ in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

Since 2014, Ukraine has accomplished enormous democratic, economic and social progress to integrate the European Union. Over the last six days the Ukrainian people have been suffering terribly. Today, Ukraine’s heroic resistance for freedom, justice and democracy against the cruel, brutal and unreasonable aggression of Vladimir Putin engages our admiration. Today, the Ukrainians are defending the values of Europe against slavery, injustice and dictatorship.

For this reason, as Europeans and humanists, we are supporting Ukraine. We demand a stop to the invasion and the withdrawal of Russian troops so that fighting can cease.

Europe supports Ukraine. We hope that a free and democratic Ukraine will very soon integrate the European Union.

Long live free Ukraine!